Sense and Sensibility

This Jane Austen favourite has been realised for stage by Kate Hamill, an actor herself and who appeared in the Broadway production a year or so ago.  It has been called Jane Austen on steroids being a fast moving and exciting adaption.

Production dates from 1st to 15th June.



Auditions will involve whole scenes read as the structure of the play does not allow for easy pieces to be allocated in advance. There will be chances to try a number of different characters.

This will be essentially an ensemble piece with the cast involved.

One of the innovative details is The Chorus – a group of characters who lead the action along, comment, criticise and generally have a great gossipy time throughout the play.  The subsidiary characters emerge from the chorus to have their scenes and may move back unto the chorus with a change of hat, wig, cape, etc.  Some characters however do not change but remain themselves throughout the action.


  • The Dashwoods
    • Mrs Dashwood, a second wife and mother of
    • Elinor – a sensible pragmatic girl who keeps her heart secret
    • Marianne – a romantic idealist in love with poetry, music and love itself. She does sing.
    • Margaret, the youngest daughter of 12 -14 but could be a shortish older girl.
    • John Dashwood,  son of the first marriage and heir to Norland, a weak and shallow man.
    • His wife, Fanny, a conniving and manipulative woman.
    • Her brother, Edward Ferrars, the secret love of Elinor but who is pleasant and seemingly thinks well of her but says nothing of his feelings..
    • Robert, his younger brother, a weak and conceited coxcomb.
  • John Willoughby, a handsome, charming and dashing young man.
  • Colonel Brandon, a little older than the other young men, retired soldier, honourable and kind
  • Sir John Middleton, a typical country squire, friendly and warm.
  • His wife, Lady Middleton so sophisticated she can barely talk
  • Mrs Jennings, her mother and a good natured and lively older woman who loves to match make.
  • Lucy Steele, a young woman of no fortune but great ambition.
  • Anne Steele, her sister who is a bit thick.
  • Gossips 1-5  high society creatures both male and female and often doubled with cast.
  • A couple of servants.