The Vicar Of Dibley

The Vicar Of Dibley by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew Archer and directed by Debbie Szota.

Our stage version of this hilarious, yet heart-warming BBC TV sitcom features all the eccentric, lovable characters, including Alice, the blonde, dippy verger; Owen, the earthy, local farmer and the stuttering Jim who prefaces most remarks with no-no-no-no-yes! And, of course, there’s the inimitable vicar herself. Written by the authors of the original TV series, this show is sure to delight.

Performances between 17 November - 2 December.


This play has a great cast of interesting characters which are based on those seen in the television series starring Dawn French.

Most of the characters are mature – with a couple of younger roles being Alice and Hugo. There is the opportunity for a few junior high school students - the director has a few ideas on making these roles a little larger by making them the ongoing choir throughout the production, and also to add a choirmaster to conduct them as was done in the tv series.

The script is loads of fun and is based on a few episodes from the series and includes the vicar’s arrival, the courtship and marriage of Alice and Hugo to name a few.


Will be held on Sunday 23 July 2017 at 3pm or on Monday 24 July 2017 (Monday by special arrangement only)


It is intended to cast these roles as closely as is practical to those seen in the series as they are much beloved by those devout followers of the show.

  • Geraldine Granger (The Vicar)
  • Alice Tinker (The verger)
  • Letitia Cropley
  • David Horton
  • Hugo Horton
  • Frank Pickle
  • Jim Trott
  • Owen Newitt
  • Wedding Guest (this character makes a brief appearance and will be filled by someone in the crew.)
  • Teletubbies/ village children/ choir -Lizzie, Katie, Archie, Cameron, Luke
  • Choir master/organist