School Holiday Workshops

January 2018 School Holiday Workshops

All age groups refer to the school year studied in 2017! Any child who has yet to start school is recommended to attend the Bub n Me class.

Bub n Me - with parents 2-4years – 1.25 hourBOOKWORMS - This class offers children the chance to be creative and embrace their imagination. Using well known children’s books, students will go on adventures and act out sections from the book in a myriad of ways. Students enjoy movement, voice and creative play. ‘Big People’ are invited to assist their ‘Little People’, and many activities seek for parents, guardians or carers to actively participate. Big People can get some unique ideas how to inject creative play into their everyday interactions with their Little Ones. Fun all around! All participants must wear comfortable, closed in shoes.

Grades K-2 for 3 hours per day/ grades 3-6 for 4 hours per day – DRAMA– 2 day course!!! This class offers bite sized tastes of the larger performance realm as students participate in drama games, improvisation, theatresports, character play, with added script work and drama appreciation for grades 3-6. Parents are invited to join in the final 30 minutes of class to watch as audience members their children participate in their favourite activities from the days. (Please be aware this final 30 minutes is an informal sharing session rather than a polished ‘performance’)

Grades K-2 for 3 hours/ grades 3-6 for 4 hours - MUSICAL THEATRE Sing, Dance and Act. In this class, students will learn songs from their favourite musicals. This will include dance and movement so comfortable closed in shoes are a must. Combine all three performance disciplines together to learn how to be a triple threat performer. Perform a song for parents and friends in the final 15 minutes of the class. (Please be aware this is an informal sharing session rather than a polished ‘performance’)

Grades K-2 for 3 hours/ grades 3-6 for 4 hours – MASKS AND PUPPETS – This course combines creative play and imagination with a hands on crafty approach. Research and watch documentaries on mask making and puppets and then make your own! Students are expected to provide a pair of socks to create puppets, but everything else is provided. Please wear clothing suitable for messy arts and crafts – we WILL get gluey and inky!!! Take your creations home at the end of the day. Parents are invited for the final 15 minutes of the day for an informal presentation of the puppets in a real puppet theatre. (Please be aware this final 15 minutes is an informal sharing session rather than a polished ‘performance’)

Grades 3-6 for 4 hours – SCRIPTWRITING – Come with an idea, or improvise with classmates and teachers on the day. Write a play as a class together where all students have a starring role. Then, spend time writing your own masterpiece and watch it come to life in front of your eyes as your classmates perform and workshop it. Parents are invited for the final 15 minutes to see the group devised class play. Individual scripts can be taken home and deservedly featured on the fridge. (Please be aware this final 15 minutes is an informal sharing session rather than a polished ‘performance’)

Grades 7 –9 for 6 hours–THEATRESPORTS Games Games Games! “Can We Play a Drama Game?” YES! Yes we can! 6 hours of a variety of different Theatresports. Work with different combinations of people to improve your improvisation skills.

Grades 7 – 9 for 6 hours – DRAMA AND MOVEMENT - Script work and devising is what students will learn here. Participate in exercises to discover characters, bring scripted characters to life using valuable drama techniques, learn about subtext and character objectives, and interact with fellow performers to create dramatic works.

Grades 9 – 12 for 6 hoursGROUP DEVISING AND MAKING A MONOLOGUE Students in the senior Drama course will learn both devising through improvisation using various stimulus, and analysing and interpreting scripts. Students create a short group work to perform for their peers. Then, using a large variety of short monologues (or bring one from home) interpret text and explore character and perform for your peers. GREAT for anyone looking for an assessment text OR planning to audition for a drama school after high school!

ALL AGES - PRIVATE TUITION – Bring a Monologue or Song or have one provided. Learn valuable warm up techniques and exercises for voice and body. Sing a song to a backing track or with a pianist. These lessons are one hour long. Discuss with your teacher what you’d like to learn and for what purpose and have your class individually catered to you.

About the tutor:-

Annaliese Szota

Annaliese Szota was a student of Nowra Players from the age of 9 and appeared in various productions on our stage. She completed her high school education in the Shoalhaven excelling in both Drama and Music before going on to study a Bachelor of Creative Arts- Performance (with Distinction) at the University of Wollongong.

Annaliese has extensive experience teaching performance arts and singing to students ranging from early childhood through to adult. She has been a NIDA Open tutor for the past 5 years, in addition to teaching privately, and in a number of schools and agencies since leaving high school. To add to this wealth of experience she has also taught dance and movement with Startime Studios and The Rhythm Factory in Sydney. Her skills were used extensively on the Australian feature film Goddess where she was the Childrens’ Acting Coach (on-set), recording artist and Casting assistant.

As a singer/composer/cabaret artist she has performed at numerous festivals both in Australia and overseas including fringe festivals in Edinburgh, Sydney and Adelaide and the Melbourne Comedy Festival. She currently performs as a member of the cabaret group Lady Sings it Better who were named as the best musical theatre and cabaret act at the 2016 Sydney Fringe Festival. She has recorded a number of EPs and, in addition to performing at venues such as the Basement and STC, she has supported artists such as Monica Trapaga, Deborah Conway, Brendan Maclean and Wes Carr.

As an actor Annaliese has performed professionally on stage at the former Darlinghurst Theatre in When Bees in Honey Drown and La Dispute and also on screen in the ABC series Childrens Hospital and the feature film Goddess.

She brings youth and vitality to her classes and is excited to bring her skills and experience "back home!"

Payment and Enrolment: - to secure your place in a workshop complete this online application clearly indicating the workshops you wish to attend and you will be sent details about your acceptance, clothing requirements etc and payment method.

Enrolments are limited and will be on a “first in” basis.

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