School Holiday Workshops

Nowra Players Workshops April 2018

BUB N’ ME- Ages 2-4 This class offers children the chance to be creative and embrace their imagination. Using well known children’s books, students will go on adventures and act out sections from the book in a myriad of ways. Students enjoy movement, voice and creative play. ‘Big People’ are invited to assist their ‘Little People’, and many activities seek for parents, guardians or carers to actively participate. Big People can get some unique ideas on how to inject creative play into their everyday interactions with their Little Ones. Fun all around! All participants must wear comfortable, closed in shoes.

DRAMA  - students participate in drama games, improvisation, theatresports, character play, devising and script work.

**(NOT GRADE 10-12) Parents with children ages kindergarten to year 9 are invited to join in the final 30 minutes of class to watch their children participate in their favourite activities from the days. (Please be aware this final 30 minutes is an informal sharing session rather than a polished ‘performance’)

MUSICAL THEATRE Sing, Dance and Act. In this class, students will learn songs from their favourite musicals. This will include dance and movement so comfortable closed in shoes are a must. Combine all three performance disciplines together to learn how to be a triple threat performer. Perform a song for parents and friends in the final 15 minutes of the class. (Please be aware this is an informal sharing session rather than a polished ‘performance’)

DRAMA 4 ALL –Do you love being active? Do you have loads of energy to burn? This class is a fast paced and high energy drama ‘bite’. Play games, create, laugh and make new friends. Children of all abilities and situations will be catered for. The class is designed to educate and inspire students who might not appreciate a long class with lots of restrictions. The class size will be small and it is requested that parents stay for the class or remain close by should they be required. Students are encouraged to wear their favourite outfit and some comfy shoes. Please contact us with detailed information of your child’s needs.


PLEASE NOTE –Whilst some games/exercises may be repeated, workshops are different from previous school holidays. There will be new content and material for all returning students as well as some familiar fun!

Payment and Enrolment: - to secure your place in a workshop complete the online application below clearly indicating the workshops you wish to attend and you will be sent details about your acceptance, clothing requirements etc and payment method. Enrolments are limited and will be on a “first in” basis.

School Holiday Workshops
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