Theatre Access

Our theatre on Meroo St, Bomaderry is equipped with 2 seats that may be removed for use by people who must remain in a wheelchair or require other accessible seating options. These seats are A1 or A17 as noted on the chart below. Please notify the box office if the seats will need to be removed when booking.

We also have a ramp on the side of the building for ease of access. Access to the theatre is generally available 30 minutes before a performance. Please ring the bell at the base of the ramp to notify Front of House volunteers to open the side door.Theatre Seating Plan


There is extremely limited parking to the right of the theatre however the Nowra Players advise patrons that on street parking is plentiful near the theatre.

There is one accessible parking space to the right of the theatre just by the side ramp. We ask that patrons be considerate and if possible vacate the space once less mobile patrons have left the vehicle to allow other patrons to do the same. We do understand that this is not always possible and so moving is not a requirement.


For those who would like to eat before the show (or after a Matinée) there are a number of restaurants and clubs within a short walk of the theatre. The Bomaderry Bowling Club is a short walk north along Meroo St and opposite the Train Station just south on Meroo St are a number of restaurants offering different regional cuisines.