School Holiday Workshops

I’ve Got No Strings – January 2022

These summer holidays, the Nowra Players theatre will transform into a puppetry workshop. Make your own puppet, write a puppet show, create zany characters and learn important voice techniques to make your puppet come to life. Come and be a puppet master!

Sign up for classes based on your class year LAST year in 2021. Students who have not yet started school cannot be catered for. 

All classes are $50 which includes all craft materials to make your own puppet. 

Creative kids vouchers accepted. 

Monday 17 January – 10am-2.30pm

Kindergarten to Year 2 (School Year (2021)) – Drama and Puppetry

Tuesday 18 January – 10am-2.30pm 

Year 3 to Year 4 (School Year (2021)) – Drama and Puppetry

Moved to Tuesday 18 January – 10am-2.30pmΒ 

Year 5 to Year 6 (School Year (2021)) – Drama and Puppetry

School Holiday Workshops
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School Holiday Puppetry Workshops