Dad’s Army

Evening Performances at 8:00pm on November 23, 27, 28, 29, December 4, 5, 6, 7.
Matinee Performances at 2:00pm on November 24, 30 December 1

During World War II, with a German invasion looming, England was defended by the volunteers of the home guard units. The defence of Walmington-on-Sea rests in the hands of the local bank manager and a motley collection of volunteers. Despite being woefully ill-equipped, (and hampered by the local Air Raid Precautions Warden), the rag-tag crew is ready, and mostly, willing to take on invading troops from across the Channel. Dad’s Army affectionately mocks the fervent but frustrated patriotism of its characters but ultimately admires and salutes their noble intentions. The rogues are all lovable, and when a real crisis comes the grumbling stops and everyone rallies to their duty without complaint. The adventures of the Home Guard of Walmington-on-Sea, comes to the stage courtesy of the original authors and includes the Floral Dance sketch which only exists now as a soundtrack recording.

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