Dad’s Army


Sunday 21ST July 11 am and Monday the 22nd of July at 7pm at Players Theatre Meroo St Bomaderry

An audition pack is available from (Subject: Dads Army)

For the well-known character parts from the Home Guard platoon, we are looking for performers who can capture the essence of the original performers –  a British accent is essential. There are supporting roles for male and female actors both speaking and ensemble. We will be re-creating three of the classic episodes, plus The Floral Dance sketch which is one of the 3 which have been lost by the BBC!


Main Platoon:

Captain Mainwaring      (Quite pompous, stocky, bald, well spoken English accent) Sergeant Wilson            (Suave and faintly amused, trim, grey haired, attractive, very well spoken English Accent) Lance Corporal Jones    (White haired, nimble, excitable, country English accent) Private Godfrey             (Old, White haired, slow, sleepy, well spoken, English accent) Private Walker              (Cockney, 30 to 40’s, showy and handsome, Cockney accent) Private Pike                      (Youngest, anxious, suffering from vertigo, croup or hay fever usually. Fresh faced, thin, tall) Private Frazer               (Scottish, wild eyed, tall, white haired. Scottish accent)

Speaking Platoon:                                                           

Private Sponge              (Sheep farmer, country accent) Private Hancock                        (Country accent)

Main Supporting Characters                              

Mr Yeatman                  (The verger, belligerent 40s to 50s) Mrs Gray                      (Very genteel, stylish and attractive mature lady. Well spoken English accent) Mrs Pike                       (Private Pike’s mother 30s to 50s) Mrs Fox                       (Amorous, larger than life mature lady) Chief Warden Hodges    (Working Class, 50ish, robust slightly uncouth)

Supporting characters

Private Cheeseman       (The Welsh photojournalist – 40+ with a strong Welsh accent) Vicar                             (Slightly ineffectual, gentle, tall, balding, English accent. Edith Parish                   (Stylish, brassy  20+ cinema usherette, Walker’s girlfriend) U-Boat Captain             (40 – 50, quietly menacing, German accent) The Colonel                  (60’s, Stereotypical British Colonel, upper class, slightly pompous)   There are a host of other characters who appear across the production both speaking and ensemble, including: (M)  Private Day, U-Boat Sailors, Serviceman, Gordon the Town Clerk, Rail passengers (F)  Ivy Samways, Miss Ironside, Waitress, Mrs Prosser, Mrs Hart, Ladies,  Rail passengers, U-Boat Sailors Actors playing these characters may be allocated roles in at least 3 of the 4 pieces.  Women will be cast in some non-speaking male roles.  The young ladies who enter the contest for Miss Godiva will appear (in very modest) bathing costumes. Where possible we will double actors up to play a part as well as performing in the ensemble.


Some non-speaking platoon members will be required to learn the Army Drill and to Morris Dance.  The whole cast will sing the Cornish Floral Dance.