Dinkum Assorted

By Linda Aaronson

Director – Peter Szota & Production Manager – Debbi Szota
Auditions – Saturday 8 May 2pm (or by appointment)

Set in an Australian country town biscuit factory during World War II, the play shows how
the all-female cast of factory workers fight to save the factory, run a ‘Mum’s Army’ Civil
Defence Unit, put on a show for the War Effort and cope with the fact that two thousand US
airmen have just been stationed outside town!

Dinkum Assorted is a poignant and comical piece of theatre- full of laughter, tension and
comradeship. It depicts a small slice of Australian social history.

Rehearsals – start 13 May

Character List

  • Joan – 35-45 An elegant, well-spoken and intense woman
  • Connie – 60+ Larger than life tea lady. – originally from the North of England
  • Millie – 25 -35 Newly widowed.
  • Grace – 50+ Forewoman of the Wafer biscuit department.
  • Vi – 17-22 Vi has stars in her eyes wants to be a Hollywood star one day.
  • Rosie – 17-22 Vi’s best friend who tries to keep up with Vi’s theatrical expectations
  • Florrie – 50+ A woman who tells it like it is
  • Big Beat – 25+ Little Beat’s best friend.
  • Little Beat – 25+ Big beat’s best friend
  • Ethel – 40+ The perpetual victim who is nobody’s fool.
  • Pearl – 40+ The hard-working straight- talking forewoman
  • Glad – 20-35 The extremely pregnant woman. A good mechanic and singer.
  • Doris – 30+ Friend of Edie
  • Edie – 30+ Friend of Doris
  • Margie – any age Pianist. (Could be the musical director)

Audition Pieces

Joan and Connie p34-35 and/or p43-44, Grace and Pearl p11-12 and/or p30-31, Rosie and Vi p3-4 and/or p15-16 and Millie p24-25

Group pieces p1-3 and/or p9-10

20th August – 3rd September