Song Contest

Song Contest – the Almost Eurovision Experience is a glitzy comedic and loving tribute to the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s as close to the real thing as you can get, with eleven countries competing, a multitude of anxious contestants, a gushing hostess and all the quirkiness that both delights us and makes us cringe in a single breath.  The audience voting is authentic with the potential for a different winner every night (come a couple of times and you will see it’s not rigged.) Love Eurovision or hate it, you will love this show.

Bookings are now open! Click HERE to book for your group / family / self!

Performances will be between August 18 and September 2

We estimate there will be approximately 24.7 cast and crew directly involved in every performance, but if you include the audience (who strictly speaking will be involved in the voting bit) then this will make Song Contest one of the biggest shows the Nowra Players Theatre has ever seen. And that does not include staff from front of house, side of house, on top of house, under the house, house painters, plumbers, electricians, the companies who print the banners/posters/signage/programmes, ticket sales, Lady Tim-Tams, Tim-Tams, maintenance, office staff, advertising, publicity, mechanics, stockbrokers, hairdressers, florists, roadside workers or nurses.

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