The Diary of Anne Frank

adapted by Wendy Kesselman

In a world where our very existence is often questioned by pandemics, political unrest, climate ignorance and media sensationalism, Anne Frank’s haunting story of one of the darkest periods of our human history seems just as poignant today as it was in the 1940s. Anne has become a symbol of the fight against intolerance and prejudice.
When watching this play, audiences, particularly youth, will connect with somebody who feels the same as them, and somebody who is able to talk about the same issues that many teenagers talk about.

Wendy Kesselman’s adaptation of the original Pulitzer Prize award-winning script by Goodrich and
Hackett draws from previously unpublished parts of Anne Frank’s real-life diary, allowing the
audience to experience Anne in a way that breathes life into this passionate, complex young
woman. We share her relatable experience of adolescence as a familiarly modern teenager.
For nearly two years, Anne, her father, mother, and sister, joined with the Van Daan family, to hide
in a secret annex space above her father’s former office in Amsterdam, as the Nazis deported the
Jews of Holland to their deaths. In her secret attic, Anne comes of age: she laughs, plays, fights
with her mother, and falls in love for the first time.
In spite of the horrors that surround her, Anne’s spirit transcends, as she voices her belief, “in spite
of everything, that people are truly good at heart.” Anne’s dynamism, her luminous spirit, and her
story of resilience are clearly apparent in the humorous moments of levity brought to this
adaptation. Audiences coming out of recent lockdowns can definitely relate to the challenges of
living closely with those we love…and those we find slightly frustrating!


Auditions will be held in small groups, so you may be expected to stay for at least an hour.
Audition pieces will be available on the day.
Sunday 16th October – 1pm
Wednesday 19th October – 7pm – Possible call backs

Rehearsals & Performances

Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 7pm to 9:30pm, including some Sunday rehearsals
closer to the show from 1pm to 5pm
Cast read through/collect scripts Wednesday 26th October
Rehearsals beginning in 2022 from Tuesday 6th December to Thursday 15th December
Rehearsals picking up in 2023 from Tuesday 16th January
Show run between 15th March to 3rd April


Anne (female approx 16)
The youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Anne is a lively, curious
girl of thirteen at the beginning of the play. She remains optimistic throughout the months they are
in hiding and always makes the best of the situation she is in. As her diary reveals, she is very
introspective, creative and has a vivid imagination.
Margot (female approx 18)
Anne’s older sister, Margot is much more like her mother than Anne.
She is quiet, modest, and reserved: the complete opposite of Anne. Yet there are some poignant
moments for Margot.
Miep (female 20s)
A small role. A very well-liked, Miep helps to protect the families in hiding.
Along with Mr. Kraler, she brings to the refugees food, supplies, and news from the outside world.
She has a beautiful bond with Anne.
Mrs Frank (female 30s/40s)
Anne’s reserved and nervous mother, Mrs. Frank loves Anne, but
she wishes she were more proper and polite, like her sister Margot. Because of this, Mrs. Frank
and Anne are not close.
Mrs Van Daan (male 30s/40s)
Vain, finicky and flirtatious, she prizes the material things of life,
including a fur coat she brought to the attic with her. These traits all make her the center of much
of the conflict in the attic.
Peter (male approx 16)
The son of Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, Peter is a shy, quiet teenage boy. Yet he grows to stand up for
himself. He soon becomes a friend and confidant for Anne, and they share their first kiss together.
Mr Frank (male 30s/40s)
Anne’s polite, practical and endearing father, Mr. Frank is the head of the “attic family.” His
calmness and patience are an asset in the cramped attic. Anne is very close to him.
Mr Van Daan (male 30s/40s)
An irritable former business partner of Mr. Frank. Mr. Van Daan’s family is invited to stay in the
attic with the Franks. He is selfish, glutinous and openly critical of others, especially Anne.
Dussel (older male)
Difficult to get along with, Mr. Dussell joins the Franks and the Van Daans after they have been in
hiding for about two months. A fastidious dentist who doesn’t like to share.
Kraler (older male)
A small role. A businessman who works with Miep to help protect the people in hiding, Mr. Kraler
risks his life to help his friends.


Production Director Laura Oliver-Graham at for more information.

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