The Vicar Of Dibley

The Vicar Of Dibley by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew Archer and directed by Debbie Szota.

Our stage version of this hilarious, yet heart-warming BBC TV sitcom features all the eccentric, lovable characters, including Alice, the blonde, dippy verger; Owen, the earthy, local farmer and the stuttering Jim who prefaces most remarks with no-no-no-no-yes! And, of course, there’s the inimitable vicar herself. Written by the authors of the original TV series, this show is sure to delight.

Performances between 17 November – 2 December.


This play has a great cast of interesting characters which are based on those seen in the television series starring Dawn French.

Most of the characters are mature – with a couple of younger roles being Alice and Hugo. There is the opportunity for a few junior high school students – the director has a few ideas on making these roles a little larger by making them the ongoing choir throughout the production, and also to add a choirmaster to conduct them as was done in the tv series.

The script is loads of fun and is based on a few episodes from the series and includes the vicar’s arrival, the courtship and marriage of Alice and Hugo to name a few.


It is intended to cast these roles as closely as is practical to those seen in the series as they are much beloved by those devout followers of the show.

  • Geraldine Granger (The Vicar)
  • Alice Tinker (The verger)
  • Letitia Cropley
  • David Horton
  • Hugo Horton
  • Frank Pickle
  • Jim Trott
  • Owen Newitt
  • Wedding Guest (this character makes a brief appearance and will be filled by someone in the crew.)
  • Teletubbies/ village children/ choir -Lizzie, Katie, Archie, Cameron, Luke
  • Choir master/organist

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