When Dad Married Fury

by David Williamson

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This play has it all – the GFC, a billionaire, intense inheritance battles and a beauty queen! 

Join Nowra Players for a contemporary Australian play that is by one of Australia’s most iconic playwrights. 

David Williamson, of course is well known to theatre goers. A veteran of over 50 plays, including some of Australia’s best known and best loved comedies, this 2012 play of his is no exception.

The story, theme and characters are vintage Williamson. Brothers Ian and Ben visit Sydney to celebrate their father’s 75th birthday celebrations; the boys eventually stand to inherit his fortune of $100 million… but their father, has married an American beauty queen half his age. There is no pre-nuptial agreement so what does this mean for their future inheritance? And who is to blame for the death of Ben’s father-in-law, after losing his money in the 2008 financial crisis, following their father’s professional financial advice?

Expect an evening of Williamson’s trademark wit and sparkling comedy, with plenty of laugh-aloud one-liners. And there’s plenty to think about too, as the play highlights and satirises the dark side of the human hunger for money and social status. All in all, a great night at the theatre!

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