School Holiday Workshops

June/July 2021

Wednesday 30 June

Class A         20months – 3 years       Tiny Troupers          9.45am – 10.30      $10

Class B          Preschool                      Tiny Troupers          10.45-11.45am       $10 

Class C          Kindergarten                 Tiny Troupers          12.30-2.30pm        $20

Friday 2 July

Class D         Year 1 – Year 3               Drama                       9am-12pm          $30

Class E          Year 4- Year 6                Drama                       1pm-4pm            $30

Wednesday 7 July

Class F         20months – 3 years        Tiny Troupers          9.45am – 10.30       $10 

Class G          Preschool                      Tiny Troupers          10.45-11.45am       $10

Class H          Kindergarten                 Tiny Troupers          12.30-2.30pm         $20

Friday 9 July

Class I         Year 1 – Year 3                 Musical Theatre              9am-12pm       $30 

Class J         Year 4- Year 6                  Musical Theatre              1pm-4pm         $30

– With a focus on process over product, Tiny Troupers offers a chance to perform without the stress of a ‘show’. There’s no costume, no lights, no script, no stage, and very few props – we just use your imagination, your body and your voice. It’s all about encouraging creative play and confidence, all whilst improving literacy, ensemble play and problem-solving. Each week of Tiny Troupers will be different material, so please sign up for both classes if you wish! NOTE – parents are required to stay in the room and/or participate for all non-school aged students. Parents of kindergarten aged students are NOT required to stay.

DRAMA  – students participate in improvisation, theatresports, character play, devising and script work. Parents are invited to join in the final 15 minutes of class to watch as audience members their children participate in their favourite activities from the day. (Please be aware this final 15 minutes is an informal sharing session rather than a polished ‘performance’)

MUSICAL THEATRE – Sing, Dance and Act. In this class, students will learn songs from their favourite musicals. This will include dance and movement so comfortable closed in shoes are a must. Combine all three performance disciplines together to learn how to be a triple threat performer. Perform a song for parents and friends in the final 15 minutes of the class. (Please be aware this is an informal sharing session rather than a polished ‘performance’)

PLEASE NOTE –Whilst some games/exercises may be repeated, workshops are different from previous school holidays. There will be new content and material for all returning students as well as some familiar fun

School Holiday Workshops
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